About Nutrishatives

Nutrishatives was founded in 2017 as a labor of love.

Wayne, frustrated and worried about his wife’s love of unhealthy foods made with processed ingredients, set out to create a database of recipes that used alternative, healthy ingredients to inspire a healthier way of eating in his (and other families’) homes.

As he started researching nutritious alternatives to unhealthy foods (Nutrishatives, get it?), though, he realized there was a much bigger story to tell here than just the ingredients and the recipes themselves.  There was the science behind which ingredients made the cut as healthy and which didn’t.  

It turned out, each and every ingredient decision required tons of scientific knowledge: knowledge about how the human body works, research into the various nutrients the body needs and knowledge about how different food provides those nutrients.

It didn’t take long for Wayne to recognize that, while practical recipes were a great tool, he could make a far bigger difference in people’s diet (and health) by empowering them to make healthy ingredient and recipe decisions on their own by simply providing them the background knowledge they needed.  

And that became the goal of Nutrishatives as you see it today: “to provide simple evidenced-backed health and nutrition information for better lifestyle decisions.”

Inspired by Wayne’s vision and his straightforward, practical and realistic approach to helping people take charge of their own health through providing accurate science, others joined the Nutrishatives team, reaching seven strong by early 2018!

Though still small, the Nutrishatives team is passionate about their vision and believe real, science-based health and lifestyle medicine can and will change the health of the world!

In 2020, Nutrishatives shifted gears towards providing evidence-backed gut health information.

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