Affiliate and Ad Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in 2009, published their revised guidelines on product endorsements as a means of protecting the public from deliberately misleading promotions that have been paid by a business or company.  Since Nutrishatives earns a small income through affiliate marketing, we deem it necessary to disclose the following to you:

  1. The content we produce is a source of income for us and therefore may be used to promote products or services from another company.
  2. We only promote products and services after thorough research and consultation with our resident health experts.
  3. Related products and service mentioned on our website may or may not be considered an affiliate.
  4. We don’t guarantee positive reviews of all products featured in our content. We make it a point to provide honest and research-based information.
  5. Helping you, our readers, to make well-informed lifestyle and health decisions is our utmost priority. We never blank out the truth just to make a quick buck.

Additionally, monetizing the website using ads, allows us our experts to create more in depth content, including videos. We never allow ads to influence the content we create. We aim to deliver valuable, well-researched, and educational content while generating a small income to compensate for the time spent producing content. We appreciate the support given to us by our readers and social media followers and, it will always be our mission to be honest and helpful to you.