Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Nutrishatives is a platform where health and nutrition experts may contribute their own articles. Guest posts that appear in the Nutrishatives blog are hand-picked by our editors, integrated into our blog calendar, and promoted through our various social media properties. 

How Nutrishatives Chooses Guest Posts

Subject matter: We publish posts discussing general nutrition, health, fitness,and recipes.

Research-backed content: This goes without saying, but all articles submitted must be backed up by science and research. Kindly read our FAQs section to find out more about choosing reputable resources.

Grammar and Spelling: Nutrishatives reserves the right to reject articles with too many spelling and grammatical errors.

Recipes: To be featured, recipe posts must have proper intro. It should discuss the health benefits and importance of each ingredient.

Evoking emotion: We ask that guest bloggers write in a way that the article evokes high arousal emotions such as awe and excitement. They should come out to be relatable and not very technical. Also, your articles should tell a story. No one wants to read a research paper.

No brand names and affiliate links: Nutrishatives uses affiliate marketing and runs AdSense ads on the site. We would like to avoid publishing guest posts that mention brand names especially those that are in direct competition with the products we promote.

Word count: Posts should be 500-800 words. We may approve longer pieces on a case-by-case basis.

Post photos: Photo quality will be considered when choosing guest articles to post. You should own the rights to the photos used in the post.

How You Can Benefit From Being a Nutrishatives Guest Blogger

We will give you the credit for your content which will help boost your SEO. We will also promote your post through social media and link back to your site and social media profiles. Additionally, we welcome guest bloggers who want to be considered for paid recipe development and writing assignments.

Guest blogging is known to be a white hat SEO practice that helps increase your Domain Authority. It is, however, your professional choice and personal decision.

Who Retains the Right to Your Guest Post Article

The Nutrishatives editorial board may edit your article for spelling and grammatical errors, but you will have the right to review prior to publication. We will not make copyright or authorship claims on your work and they will always link back to your own site.

Are Guest Bloggers Paid?

We do not offer compensation to guest bloggers. In addition to the benefit of exposure, however, guest blogging with Nutrishatives may lead to paid assignments in the future.

How To Be A Guest Blogger?

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