Top 5 Best Short Chain Fatty Acid Supplements for Leaky Gut Remedy

The best short chain fatty acid supplements (SCFA supplements) are essential to digestive health.  They may also play a key role in helping treat a leaky gut.  Read on to understand how short chain fatty acids can help you manage your gastrointestinal disorders.

Last Updated: June 21, 2019

What are the Best Short Chain Fatty Acid Supplements?

  1. Allergy Research Group ButyrEn
  2. NutriCology ButyrAid
  3. Body Bio Butyrate
  4. T.E. Butyrex
  5. Healus Advanced Tri-Butyrate

What are Short Chain Fatty Acids?

Short-chain fatty acids (also referred to as ‘volatile fatty acids’ in some circles) are a type of fatty acid molecule that has fewer than six carbon atoms.

These compounds have been shown to interact with the body in a multitude of different ways.  One of these relates directly to the maintenance of digestive health.

There are three main short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) found in the human body:

  1. propionate
  2. acetate
  3. butyrate

Propionate plays a key role in liver health. It helps metabolize various molecules into glucose (one of the body’s primary fuel sources).  

Acetate and butyrate balance your cholesterol levels and influence your digestive function.

Unlike many nutrients you obtain through the food you eat, short chain fatty acids aren’t usually in your food itself. Rather, they are produced by the good bacteria in your gut when they ferment dietary fiber.  

Of the three key short chain fatty acids, butyrate appears to have the largest impact on digestive health. This suggests it may be really important when looking for an effective leaky gut remedy.

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Uses of Short Chain Fatty Acids

Reducing Inflammation

SCFAs directly regulate the release of inflammatory chemicals in your body. Essentially, SCFAs prevent them from being released, reducing inflammation in your body.

Through this mechanism, the best short chain fatty acid supplements can reduce inflammation in your digestive system, boosting your gut health.

It is worth noting that research suggests that butyrate contains the most potent anti-inflammatory properties of all SCFAs! (Acetate has the least.) 

Fighting Infections

SCFAs have the potential to clear harmful bacteria from the gut without even having to activate your immune system.  

In this manner, SCFAs can act as an important part of your body’s primary defense mechanism — your gut!

Protecting Your Digestive System

SpeSCFAs help produce the mucosal barrier that lines your gut.  They do this by helping to produce structural proteins you use to repair the wall of your intestines.

Why Use Short Chain Fatty Acids for Leaky Gut Remedy?

As mentioned above, SFCAs are essential to the maintenance of your digestive function.  This makes them great candidates for being a leaky gut remedy.  

Leaky gut is a condition in which the walls of your intestines develop tiny holes.  This allows the easy movement of harmful molecules and organisms into your body.

In turn, of course, these harmful molecules and organisms cause a huge inflammatory response. If left unchecked, this inflammation can make you sick and prevent your gut from healing.

SCFAs can help nip this whole process in the bud so your gut can heal!

  • SCFAs are important for the production of the intestinal wall and mucus barrier.  In fact, studies show that the best short chain fatty acid supplements can promote healing of the holes in the gut associated with a leaky gut syndrome.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of SCFAs can help reduce the digestive inflammation associated with leaky gut.  By reducing this inflammation, you see an increase in the healing capacity of your gut walls.
  • An increased amount of SCFAs within the digestive system has been shown to increase the health and number of good bacteria within the gut.  As these bacteria are responsible for producing SCFAs, healthier gut bacteria can help speed up healing even further.

Short Chain Fatty Acids in Leaky Gut Remedy Dosage

Unlike many other supplements, SCFAs are a relatively new addition to the health industry. Unfortunately, that means they don’t have an established upper limit, yet.  

Nevertheless, studies have shown that a dose of 300 mg of butyrate per day is both safe and effective for healing a leaky gut.  So, aiming for a dose right around this mark is probably a good bet!

It is important to state that it may take a couple of weeks before your symptoms start to improve.  So, don’t be discouraged if nothing changes immediately!

5 Best Short Chain Fatty Acids for Leaky Gut Remedy

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If you have a leaky gut, your ability to produce SCFAs will be limited -no matter how much fiber you eat!

With this in mind, short chain fatty acid supplements offer you an excellent way to get more SCFAs in your daily routine.  Of those supplements on the market, some are unquestionably better than others.  

So, after extensive research, I have gone ahead and outlined what I believe to be the top five best short chain fatty acid supplements you can buy. 

I ranked these supplements from one to five for you (a ranking of one means I believe the supplement is the best option available) based on:

  • the scientific evidence supporting their use
  • serving size
  • palatability
  • dosage form
  • type of SCFA in the supplement
  • affordability

So, without further ado — my top five picks for the best short chain fatty acids for leaky gut remedy on the market!

5. Healus Advanced Tri-Butyrate

Healus Advanced Tri-Butyrate
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This butyrate supplement is one of the more recent options to enter the market.  It provides you with 500 mg of pure butyrate in a single, easy to take capsule.  Each container contains 60 servings, making it one of the more expensive options on the list.

I should note that because this has specific supplement has not been on the market for too long, it doesn’t have a heap of reviews.

Nevertheless, at the time of writing, ALL of those who have reviewed it on Amazon have given it a 5-star rating.  They report it offers a highly effective means to improve digestive health. 

4. T.E. Nessby Butyrex

Neesby Butyrex
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While this supplement has received very few reviews, it offers a potent 600 mg of butyrate per serving and 41 servings per purchase, making it an excellent bang-for-your-buck.

The individuals who have reviewed this product positively report that it is highly effective.  They claim it increases digestive health and eases discomfort with consistent use. It is important to note that, per serving, this supplement is slightly more expensive than many of the others on this list. (But keep in mind the dosage per serving is also higher!) 

With this in mind, it may not be the most suitable option for those individuals who are on a very tight budget.

3. Body Bio Butyrate

Bodybio Cal Mag Butyrate
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This 600 mg and highly-bioavailable butyrate capsule by Body Bio is one of the most popular on the market.  This might have something to do with the fact that it provides a whopping 125 servings per purchase and is highly effective!

The vast majority of Amazon reviewers have given it 4 stars and above.  Of those, many claim it is highly effective at improving digestive discomfort and extremely easy to take.  

Of the four people who rated this product less than three stars, the majority reported little improvement in digestive discomfort after a month.  This led them to question its effectiveness.

2. NutriCology ButyrAid

nutricology butyraid
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This capsule-based butyrate supplement produced by NutriCology provides you with a solid 250 mg serving of butyric acid per serving and 150 servings per container.

For the cost per serving, this is one of the most affordable SCFA supplement on the market.  This makes it perfect for those on a tight budget.

While a small number of people found the large tablets difficult to take, most people reported being happy with the product. 

Many reviewers claimed it caused large improvements in their digestive health almost immediately.

1. Allergy Research Group ButyrEn

AllergyResearchGroup ButyrEn
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This SCFA supplement by the Allergy Research Group is my number one short chain fatty acid supplement pick!

It comes in capsule form, provides you with 50 servings of 200 mg of butyrate in the form of butyric acid, and is very affordable. 

(NoteButyric acid is a specific form of butyrate that has been developed for the sole purpose of supplementation. It is really easy for your body to absorb!) 

While this supplement is a relatively new entry into the market (and as such, has not received too many reviews), the Allergy Research group have received a huge amount of support from their customers, many of whom applaud their high-quality products and excellent customer service.  

In fact, at the moment, this supplement doesn’t have a single negative review!

This is an excellent option for those looking to introduce a high-quality SCFA supplement into their regime.

Take Home Message

The best short chain fatty acid supplements are absolutely essential to keeping your digestive system healthy.  They may also play a key role in helping treat a leaky gut.

If you have had any experiences with SCFA supplements and digestive health, we would love to hear about it!  Drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.



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