Top 5 Best Zinc Supplements for Leaky Gut Relief

This article enumerates the best zinc supplements available on the market today.  Read on to understand what zinc is, why it’s important, and what zinc supplements to take for leaky gut relief.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is one of the many essential trace minerals found within the body.  (Essential minerals are minerals that you cannot make yourself. You have to get them from your food.)

Zinc aids in the production of hormones stimulates the activity of various enzymes, assists in the healing of injuries, improves immunity, and supports digestive processes.  Interestingly, zinc may also have some potent anti-inflammatory properties, suggesting it may have therapeutic benefits for many chronic inflammatory diseases.  

Within all this, zinc has also been shown to have an important role in maintaining digestive function, with a host of recent evidence suggesting that it may also play a key part in promoting the healing of leaky gut syndrome

So in short, zinc is an incredibly important compound.

Why Use Zinc for Leaky Gut Relief?

Zinc has shown great promise as a means to provide leaky gut relief.  This is thought to occur through two key mechanisms: physically repairing the wall of the digestive system, and reducing inflammation within the digestive system.

The gut is full of important stabilizing proteins that provide structure and integrity to the intestinal wall.  If zinc intake is low, the production of these proteins becomes impaired, and the body’s ability to heal holes within the gut (such as those observed with leaky gut syndrome) becomes inhibited.

Increasing zinc intake (and subsequently, increasing the production of these proteins) has been shown to promote the healing of those holes that appear within a leaky gut.

In conjunction with its impact on stabilizing proteins, zinc also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.  The leaky gut syndrome often leads to a large increase in intestinal inflammation, which can impair function and lead to chronic inflammatory issues – essentially worsening the state of an already leaky gut.

Increasing zinc consumption can help the body fight this harmful inflammation, allowing healing processes to occur.  This greatly improves the body’s ability to heal a leaky gut, further reinforcing zinc’s important place in a leaky gut treatment plan.

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Zinc for Leaky Gut Relief Dosage

It is important to note that if taken in excess, zinc can actually become toxic.  As such we strongly recommend that you speak to a health professional prior to committing to a zinc supplement.  

If you do decide that an over the counter zinc supplement is right for you, we strongly recommended you select one that has around 10-15 mg per serving (such as Thorne Research Zinc Picolinate, or Pure Encapsulations Liquid Zinc), as this greatly reduces your risk of over-consuming zinc.

Additionally, we implore you to pay close attention to the instructions on the packaging, scan the entire ingredient list for anything you might be allergic to, and if you do happen to have any side effects, ensure you cease consumption immediately.

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Top 5 Best Zinc Supplements

While you can boost your zinc by increasing your consumption of zinc-rich foods, it isn’t always as easy it sounds.  To get the desired results, you would need to consume a lot of high zinc foods, which isn’t necessarily the most feasible option as you would need to eat an absurd amount of food to get the desired intake (for example, a small apple contains 0.10 mg of zinc – meaning we would need 100 apples to get a mere 10 mg).

This is why adding a high-quality zinc supplement to your diet may be a much better alternative.  

Now you might be asking yourself “does it matter which specific zinc supplement I choose?”  To which I must inform you, it does.  The supplement industry is saturated with options, of which some are markedly worse than others.  

With this in mind, we have put together a list of the top five zinc supplements for leaky gut relief.  We ranked the supplements from 1 to 5, with number 1 being what we believe to be the best option available.  We judged each supplement on:

  • the scientific evidence to support their use
  • provided serving size
  • palatability
  • dosage form and type
  • and affordability

Thorne Research Zinc PicolinateThorne Research Zinc Picolinate

Zinc Picolinate is a slightly acidic form of zinc that is more readily absorbed by the human body than solid zinc molecules (as its acidity allows it to pass through the intestinal wall more easily), hence its increasing popularity as the number one form of zinc supplement.  

This particular zinc picolinate supplement by Thorne Research is arguably the most popular option on this list, where it provides you with 60 servings of 15 mg of highly absorbable zinc per serving.  Taking into consideration costing, this makes it one of the most affordable zinc supplements available.  

This zinc supplement is extremely popular, with a whopping 86% of Amazon reviewers giving it 5 stars.  Almost all of these individuals applauded its high effectiveness.  They also reported that it was both easy to take and had few side effects.  Of the 4% of reviewers that gave this product less than 3 stars, only one suggested it caused nausea.

Pure Encapsulations Liquid Zinc Supplement

Zinc gluconate is the zinc salt of gluconic acid, a compound commonly used in zinc supplements.  It has is easily absorbable and cause minimal digestive irritation.

This Zinc Gluconate Supplement by Pure Encapsulations contains 15 mg of zinc in a liquid form, making it ideal for those individuals who don’t like taking capsules.  It is completely free of artificial additives, allergens, GMOs, and gluten.  

It is worth noting that an entire bottle only provides an adult with 30 servings, making it one of the more expensive options available.

Similar to our zinc supplement above by Thorne Research, this option has been incredibly well received (83% of Amazon customers gave it 5 stars).  Customers applauded its flavor and lack of side effects, claiming it is one of the easiest zinc supplements to take.

Of the few individuals who gave this supplement less than three stars, two claimed it caused mild bloating.  One other customer gave a lower rating because they believed the inclusion of natural stevia for flavor was unnecessary.  

Of the zinc supplements appearing on this list, this is one of the more expensive ones.  But, we can assure you that you are paying for quality

Jarrow Formulas Zinc BalanceJarrow Formulas Zinc Balance

Jarrow Formulas Zinc Balance is a high-quality zinc supplement that uses a unique form of zinc known as L-OptiZinc.  This specific type of zinc is a mineral compound that pairs a zinc molecule with the amino acids L-methionine.  This form of zinc is easier to absorb and store in the body.

Providing you with 100 servings, with 15 mg of zinc per serving, this is an excellent option at an extremely affordable price.  As an added bonus, this supplement contains no gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, egg, or shellfish. This makes it an ideal product for those with allergies.

Of all individuals who have reviewed this product, 68% gave it 5 stars, while a further 21% gave it 4.  The vast majority reported almost immediate improvement in health, combined with a significant reduction in illness.  Of the 4% of individuals who gave this supplement less than three stars, a number reported it caused nausea.

Douglas-Laboratories-Zinc-LozengesDouglas Laboratories Zinc Lozenges

Zinc citrate is another form of zinc you can only find in supplements.  While this form of zinc does have greater bioavailability than the mineral itself, it is less readily absorbed than Picolinate.

This Zinc Citrate option by Douglas Laboratories is unique in that it is a chewable tablet (almost like a candy), rather than traditional capsules.  This makes them much easier to take and makes them more suitable for children and those with difficulty swallowing.  

These lozenges provide 10 mg of zinc per serving and come with 100 servings per container.  They have been received extremely well by the health community, with a massive 94% of reviewers giving them 5 stars on Amazon.  These same individuals have claimed they are highly effective and have a reasonable taste.

There is currently only one single negative review of this supplement on Amazon.  This review questions the serving size.  It suggests that a 15 mg dosage would be more in line with current market expectations.

Good State Liquid Ionic Zinc Ultra ConcentrateGood State Liquid Zinc

This supplement by Good State uses a form of zinc known as zinc sulfate, which is an inorganic form of zinc that has been suggested to increase absorption and limit digestive discomfort associated with consumption.

Providing 15 mg per serving, and 100 servings per bottle, this liquid supplement is an excellent option for those on a tight budget.  With this, 81% of reviewers have rated it 5 stars on Amazon, while a further 11% have given it 4 stars.  These same individuals have reported no side effects, applauded its ease of consumption, and suggested its taste is quite good.

Of the few individuals who have rated this supplement poorly, a small number complained of bloating, while others were not a huge fan of the taste.

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Take Home Message

Zinc is an incredibly important mineral that plays a number of roles within the human body.  Through its interactions with the digestive system and its role as a potent anti-inflammatory, zinc can seriously improve gut health.

If you have any experiences with zinc supplementation and digestive health, we would love to hear about it!   Please drop us a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP. 
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