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Butyrate Fo rLeaky Gut Ebook Cover

Butyrate for Leaky Gut Ebook

Why You Need this Ebook 


At least 60 to 70 million Americans are affected each year by digestive diseases


About 10% of hospitalizations and 15% of in-patient hospital procedures are related to digestive diseases


Around 236,000 deaths are attributed to gastrointestinal diseases

Butyrate Fo rLeaky Gut Ebook Cover

Table of Contents
What’s Inside

  1. Gut Health Basics
    • The Microbiome
    • Leaky Gut Definition
  2. How to Heal a Leaky Gut
    • Main recommendations
    • Importance of a balanced diet
    • Introduce supplements
  3. Our favorite supplement: Butyrate
    • Define Butyrate: its role in the colon
    • Why use butyrate for gut health?
    • Other benefits 
  4. How to introduce butyrate into your diet
    • Diet: foods with butyrate
    • Supplements: which ones, how to take
    • Other lifestyle tips 

What researchers know so far about butyrate and digestion: 

  • Butyrate reduces inflammation in your gut
  • Butyrate helps prevent colon cancer
  • Butyrate helps prevent bad bacteria from taking over your gut microbiota
  • Butyrate reduces symptoms of digestive infection
  • Butyrate prevents the loss of water and essential minerals during bouts of diarrhea.
  • Butyrate stimulates the growth of new cells in the gut wall

Learn more about these when you download the ebook today!

Butyrate for Leaky Gut Ebook