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Gut Health

Everyone knows good gut health is important for feeling healthy. After all, it’s nearly impossible to feel good and healthy if you’re dealing with miserable digestive issues. (Gas? Bloating? Trips to the bathroom every 10 minutes? No thanks!) But did you know that your digestive health is really important for actually keeping you physically healthy? Research now clearly shows that your digestive health plays key roles in keeping your entire body running smoothly.  From immune function to mood regulation, a wealth of new studies have revealed amazing links between gut function and the health of every organ system in your body! Browse our gut health articles to learn more about how these processes work and how lifestyle changes and probiotics can improve your gastrointestinal health.  

Probiotics Affect Metabolism, Says Study. Find Out How.

Can Probiotics Affect Metabolism
Recent research has shown that (unlike many other supplements making fantastic metabolic claims) probiotics affect metabolism function.  In fact, some researchers now suspect that probiotics may actually be among your most effective options for manipulating your metabolism! What are Probiotics? Probiotics describe a number of unique foods and supplements that are full to the brim with...

Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? Science Says They Can!

Probiotics Help You Lose Weight
“Probiotics help you lose weight.”  At first glance, this suggestion sounds ridiculously far-fetched, but there may be more to it than first meets the eye. Over the last few years, there has been a huge surge in research surrounding the many microorganisms found in (and on) the human body.  These organisms are collectively described as...

Probiotics Protect Against Infections. This is How It’s Possible.

Can Probiotics Protect Against Infections?
This article discusses the many benefits of good bacteria and how probiotics protect against infections.  In an world of ever-growing antibiotic resistance, probiotics offer us new hope in the fight against infectious diseases! Learn More: What are Probiotics? Benefits, Dangers, and Sources If you typically think of probiotics as just being beneficial for gut health, you’re missing...

What are Probiotics Benefits, Dangers, and Best Sources?

What are Probiotics Benefits, Dangers, and Best Sources
The various probiotics benefits are much-publicized these days.  Because of this, probiotic products are taking the health and medical communities by storm.  In fact, 3.9 million US adults have reported using probiotics.  It's only fitting we explore the science behind it and sort fact from fiction.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...

Is Leaky Gut Real? The Hard-to-Believe Bizarre Truth

is leaky gut real
Is Leaky Gut Real? Let me start out by clarifying that, whether or not leaky gut is real, it’s not currently an official diagonsis.  If you go to your general practitioner and ask about it you may get some skeptical looks.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that leaky gut syndrome is nonsense, though. Research has begun to...

Good Gut Health: The Secret to Preventing Autoimmune Diseases?

good gut health
It's pretty evident that people are concerned about having good gut health judging from the rise in probiotic products.  What but does it mean really?  And why do some people believe it can help prevent autoimmune disease? What do you do when your own body turns against you?   For the 50 million Americans struggling with...

Leaky Gut Supplement Regimen: An Expert’s Guide

Creating Your Leaky Gut Supplement Regimen: An Expert’s Guide
Having 5 (or six, if you count the bonus digestive enzyme supplements!) leaky gut supplement options give you lots of flexibility but, potentially, also lots of questions.   Should you start with all 5 at once?  Or start with 1 or 2 and work your way up? Can you take actually take all 5 every day?...

Top 5 Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements to Fix Leaky Gut

Top 5 Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements to Fix Leaky Gut
Read this post to discover the best digestive enzyme supplements for healing your leaky gut. But first, let's try to understand what digestive enzymes are and why, exactly, they're beneficial for your health. What are the Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements? Swanson Papain Papaya Enzyme Nature's Life Bromelain & Papain Capsules KAL Bromelain Chewable Tablets Lactaid Original...

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