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Gut Health

Everyone knows good gut health is important for feeling healthy. After all, it’s nearly impossible to feel good and healthy if you’re dealing with miserable digestive issues. (Gas? Bloating? Trips to the bathroom every 10 minutes? No thanks!) But did you know that your digestive health is really important for actually keeping you physically healthy? Research now clearly shows that your digestive health plays key roles in keeping your entire body running smoothly.  From immune function to mood regulation, a wealth of new studies have revealed amazing links between gut function and the health of every organ system in your body! Browse our gut health articles to learn more about how these processes work and how lifestyle changes and probiotics can improve your gastrointestinal health.  

Healthy Gut: How it Affects the Way Your Body Absorbs Nutrients

healthy gut
A well-functioning and healthy gut allows nutrients and water to enter the body easily and efficiently.  As a result, when your gut health is compromised, your body can’t effectively absorb nutrients. There are two factors that impact can your gut’s ability to absorb nutrients: your gut mucosa and your gut bacteria.  Additionally, some foods may...

Poor Gut Health: 5 Ways It Can Weaken Your Immune System

Poor Gut Health
Poor gut health has been linked to poor immune function. In this article, we investigate the science behind this notion. Let's get started. Did you know your body contains more microbial cells than human cells?  Yep.  Your own body cells are outnumbered around 1:3 by micro-organisms.  The vast majority of these microbes live on the surface...

Leaky Gut Diet: 3 Food Types that Improve Gut Health

Leaky Gut Diet: 3 Food Types that Improve Gut Health
Over the last 100 years, agricultural technology has had some amazing advancements. While this has allowed a large majority of foods to become readily available to the entire population (greatly reducing societal malnutrition in the process), it has come with some associated downfalls. Diets have become extremely dense in...

Gut Flora: Learn How it Helps Your Body Fight Inflammation

Gut Flora
Inflammation is one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms. It occurs in response to either injury or the invasion of foreign matter. Characterized by redness and swelling, inflammation describes increased blood flow and fluid distribution to the site of injury.  This happens in an attempt to flush the area with chemicals, antibodies, and essential nutrients. This...

Best Leaky Gut Supplements for Leaky Gut Treatment

Best Leaky Gut Supplements for Leaky Gut Treatment
Suspect you may have a leaky gut and on the hunt for the best leaky gut supplements to help you heal?  You've come to the right place!  Miranda, our resident physiology expert, has everything you need to know about the leaky gut syndrome, how to cure it, and the supplements that...

Is Leaky Gut Real? The Hard-to-Believe Bizarre Truth

is leaky gut real
Is Leaky Gut Real? Let me start out by clarifying that, whether or not leaky gut is real, it’s not currently an official diagnosis.   If you go to your general practitioner and ask about it you may get some skeptical looks.  That doesn’t necessarily mean...

Gut Health: 7 Reasons Why It’s Important

Gut Health 7 Reasons Why It’s Important
Your digestive system is a sophisticated boundary between you and the outside world.  It allows you to break down and absorb all the nutrients you need from food while making sure toxins, poisons, dangerous bacteria, and viruses stay out. Though these functions of the digestive system have been obvious to humans for centuries, it is...

Healthy Gut Bacteria: Its Role in Promoting Heart Health

Healthy Gut Bacteria
Historically speaking, most heart health research has looked at various lifestyle factors (eg. diet, exercise patterns, and sleep) and their associations with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.  Although researchers have found links, they have also found that these lifestyle factors are not the only things to impact the health of the heart and...

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