Sunday, July 21, 2019

How to Train as a Vegan Athlete: 4 Tips from an Exercise Expert

How to Train as a Vegan Athlete
Being a vegan athlete can pose some challenges but it's not impossible.  Find out what you need to do to be the best vegan athlete you can! Disclosure – This post contains affiliate links.  Click here for details. Training...

The 20 Best Vegan Omega 3 Sources

The 20 Best Vegan Omega 3 Sources
Did you know there are excellent vegan omega 3 sources? Really! You can get plenty of these healthy fats -- fish free -- if you know what foods to add to your diet! Here, Miranda, one of our resident nutritional scientists, breaks down the best ways to get...

10 Best Probiotics for Toddlers’ Immune Systems

10 Best Probiotics for Toddlers' Immune Systems
Find out about the best probiotics for toddlers' immune systems from our health and fitness expert!

Dietary Supplement Side Effects: Dinky or Dangerous?

Dietary Supplement Side Effects
Here, Ana, one of our nutritional scientists, breaks down all the dietary supplement side effects, dangers, and benefits to help keep you and your supplementing family safe!

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