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Aging is a fact of life. It’s inevitable. No more avoidable than finding a wet towel on the bathroom floor after your husband’s shower or running into someone you haven’t seen in 15 years when you’re rocking a struggle bun in your pajamas. But unavoidable doesn’t mean unalterable. Aging science clearly shows that, though you can’t change if you age, you can change how you age. Your health and longevity depend on a whole host of lifestyle and environmental factors that you are in control of. Browse our longevity series to learn more about the aging factors that you can control and the biology that makes them effective.

Active Aging: The Life-Long Physical Benefits of Exercise

Active Aging: The Life-Long Physical Benefits of Exercise
Active aging is essential for keeping your quality of life as high as possible for as long as possible.  But what, exactly, is active aging and how does it help keep you healthy as you age?  Our resident exercise physiologist breaks it down for you! As an exercise scientist, I get the pleasure of working...

Meditation and Longevity: Key to Living Longer?

The Power of The Mind: Mindfulness, Meditation and Longevity
Meditation and longevity feel like natural companions, don’t they?   I strongly suspect this feeling might have something to do with the images of smiling, wrinkly little monks in bright robes you see meditating in documentaries about Tibet.  Their faces exude such a healthy, peaceful vibe that you can’t help but believe that meditation has...

How to Live Longer and Healthier through Diet

How to Live Longer and Healthier Linking Diet and Longevity
If you are like most people, many of the decisions you make as you age are based on your ideas about how to live longer and healthier. Whether it’s finally starting to apply sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer in the long run (and, why not, keep the wrinkles away in the short run), modifying...

Effects of Aging on Bones: Bone Problems in the Elderly

effects of aging on bones
If I had to guess, I’d bet you think that there are no effects of aging on bones.  And I blame museums! Everywhere you look in a museum: bones.  Bones of dead animals.  And of extinct animals.  Bones that, after millions of years, still look like bones. It gives you this feeling that bones can’t change....

15 Natural Therapies to Balance Your Hormones as You Age

15 Natural Therapies to Balance Your Hormones as You Age
Have you been wondering if you should start doing something to balance your hormones as you age? To be honest, I haven't.  I still have years ahead before I should start, hopefully.  But, when I remember some of my bouts of PMS, crying and laughing and yelling at the same time, it makes me...

Tools for Life-Long Wellness: Understanding Why and How You Age

Tools for Life-Long Wellness - Understanding How and Why You Age
Do you remember the first time you woke up on a wet, cold, rainy day and your joints ached? What about the first time your knees talked to you climbing the stairs?   Was your reaction the same as mine?  A horrified whisper of so it begins followed by a violently dramatic shout of whyyyyyyy...

What Happens in Old Age: How Do Your Hormones Change as You Age?

How Do Your Hormones Change as You Age?
Have you ever wondered how you could be affected by how your hormones change as you age?  Chances are, if you’re young and fit, the thought hasn’t crossed your mind.  Yet! But if you’ve started to notice changes to your physique, your first thought was probably something like “Noooo!”, followed closely by, “How do...

Optimism Can Keep You Young. Here’s How Aging and Personality are Linked.

Aging and personality?  Is there really a connection? It might be hard to believe, but new research suggests there may be tight connections between your quirky character and how well you will age. And it all comes down to a theory called “the Big Five Traits of personality”. Disclosure – This post contains affiliate links.  Click here...

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