Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Aging & Healthy Living

Researchers used to think that how and why you age was all wrapped up in your genes. They believed that your DNA bound you to your aging destiny as tightly and unwaveringly as gravity binds Earth to its orbit around the sun. The science now shows, however, that this way of thinking about aging was totally wrong. Your genes are not calling the aging shots, you are. You make lifestyle choices. You choose your diet and, in large part, your environment. And these all play absolutely enormous roles in determining how healthily you age, and how long you live. Browse our Aging & Healthy Living series to learn more about how your daily decisions influence how you age.

Active Aging: The Life-Long Physical Benefits of Exercise

Active Aging
Active aging is essential for keeping your quality of life as high as possible for as long as possible.  But what, exactly, is active aging and how does it help keep you healthy as you age?  Our resident exercise physiologist breaks it down for you! As an exercise...

How to Prolong Your Life: Tips from a Nutritional Anthropologist

How to Prolong Your Life
Want to learn how to prolong your life?  You're certainly not alone!  Here, Sasha, our resident nutritional anthropologist, breaks down exactly what anthropology studies say about ways to make your life long, healthy, and happy! Ah – the mysterious fountain of youth!  Humans have been on the quest...

Meditation and Longevity: Key to Living Longer?

Meditation and Longevity
Meditation and longevity feel like natural companions, don’t they?   I strongly suspect this feeling might have something to do with the images of smiling, wrinkly little monks in bright robes you see meditating in documentaries about Tibet.  Their faces exude such a healthy, peaceful vibe that you can’t...

15 Natural Therapies to Balance Your Hormones as You Age

15 Natural Therapies to Balance Your Hormones as You Age
Have you been wondering if you should start doing something to balance your hormones as you age? To be honest, I haven't.  I still have years ahead before I should start, hopefully.  But, when I remember some of my bouts of PMS, crying and laughing and yelling at the same time, it makes me...

How to Live Longer and Healthier through Diet

How to Live Longer and Healthier through Diet
If you are like most people, many of the decisions you make as you age are based on your ideas about how to live longer and healthier. Whether it’s finally starting to apply sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer in the long run (and, why not, keep the wrinkles...

6 Habits that Make You Age Faster. We’re Guilty of #2!

Habits That Make You Age Faster
Are you guilty of these daily habits that make you age faster?  Read and find out! I think it’s fair to say that there comes a time in most people’s lives when aging becomes something they think about, something they talk about it, and maybe even something they want to understand better. Read: Tools to Life Long...

Not Many People Know These 7 Foods That Help You Live Longer

Not Many People Know These 7 Foods That Help You Live Longer
"Foods that help you live longer... uh-huh."  I can feel your skepticism from here! But hang with me! As far-fetched as it sounds at first, your diet -- and the foods that make it up -- can, in fact, directly influence how your body ages. See, food, like every other object in the universe, is made up...

4 Scientifically-Backed Anti-Aging Pills To Know About

4 Scientifically-Backed Anti-Aging Pills To Know About
Anti-aging pills that keep you healthy, no matter how old you get, seem like a myth.  After all, if there is one thing you know about getting old it’s this: you're going to get sick.  Be it from heart disease, or cancer, or Alzheimer's disease, or diabetes, or some...

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