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Aging is a fact of life. It’s inevitable. No more avoidable than finding a wet towel on the bathroom floor after your husband’s shower or running into someone you haven’t seen in 15 years when you’re rocking a struggle bun in your pajamas. But unavoidable doesn’t mean unalterable. Aging science clearly shows that, though you can’t change if you age, you can change how you age. Your health and longevity depend on a whole host of lifestyle and environmental factors that you are in control of. Browse our longevity series to learn more about the aging factors that you can control and the biology that makes them effective.

Effects of Aging on the Immune System: How Aging Cripples Your Body

Effects of Aging on the Immune System
Each of us is born with an intricate defense system that works to protect our bodies against illness and disease. You probably already know what this is, but I’ll tell you anyways.  It’s your immune system. It’s made up of a network of cells and organs that work together to detect potential threats within your body...

What Happens in Old Age: How Do Your Hormones Change as You Age?

How Do Your Hormones Change as You Age?
Have you ever wondered how you could be affected by how your hormones change as you age?  Chances are, if you’re young and fit, the thought hasn’t crossed your mind.  Yet! But if you’ve started to notice changes to your physique, your first thought was probably something like “Noooo!”, followed closely by, “How do...

Your Environment is Making You Age Faster. Here’s Why.

Your Environment is Making You Age Faster
What if I told you that there were certain things in life that make you physically age faster?  And to be clear, I'm not simply talking about those few experiences that make you feel older.  I’m talking about things that make you age physically faster at a cellular level. It's pretty shocking, I know. And,...

Want To Promote Healthy Aging? These 7 Habits are a Must

promote healthy aging
What is Healthy Aging? If aging is defined as an age-related deterioration in physiological functioning, what exactly does it mean to age healthily? In reality, there’s no simple answer, and there are hundreds of ways to define healthy aging.  At the most basic level, healthy aging is aging without the presence of disease and disease-related disability. Yet,...

Why a Change in Career Might Be Your Best Bet to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Get Rid of Wrinkles
We all want to get rid of wrinkles. They’re a sure sign of aging, and in a world that values youthfulness, you’re probably willing to do whatever it takes to make them disappear. But with research suggesting that premature aging may result from certain environmental factors, maybe it’s time to forget the fancy formulas and focus...

Impacts of Aging on the Liver: 2 Things You Must Know Right Now

Impacts of Aging on the Liver
When it comes to getting older, you probably think about the more obvious changes that happen in your body, such as those that occur in your eyes, muscular system, and ears – but, interestingly, there are huge impacts of aging on the liver as well! Given that your liver is without a doubt one of...

6 Secrets Supermodels Know About Exercise and Healthy Aging

When it comes to improving health and function, exercise is (and will always be) without a doubt our best medicine – but did you know exercise also promotes healthy aging? Yep, believe it or not, in this world of amazing technological advancement and pharmaceutical wonder, exercise is still our best option for prolonging age, enhancing...

3 Key Genes Affect How You Age: The Factors You Can’t Control

Genes Affect How You Age
Like most things in life, aging isn’t strictly the result of one single thing, but rather the accumulated effect of many different factors, including some genetic ones – with that in mind, it is important to establish how your genes affect how you age. Aging is defined as the as the accumulation of damage in...

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