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Whether you are looking boost athletic performance, slim down, treat a health condition or just trying to stay in good health, paying close attention to your nutrition is important. But it’s not always easy to figure out exactly what advice to follow. Between your family, friends and the internet, you’ve heard the exact opposite opinions about every food and diet out there. So, what is healthy? What’s not? To know for sure, you have to turn to the science, which is exactly what we do in our Nutrition Series. Browse the articles below to learn more about how your food interacts with your body and how you can build a healthier diet for yourself and your family.

Vitamins Guide: What are the Main Vitamins Your Body Needs?

vitamins guide
Welcome to Nutrishative's vitamins guide!  If you're searching for a basic understanding of what vitamins are and what vitamins do in your body, you have come to the perfect place! Last Updated: June 24, 2019 What are Vitamins?  Vitamins are naturally-occurring molecules...

The Truth Behind the 5:2 Diet: Getting the Facts Straight

The Truth Behind the 5:2 Diet
Intermittent fasting is a way of eating that is typified by prolonged periods of fasting, interspersed with smaller eating windows – small time periods within a day where you consume all of your daily calories. When I first heard about intermittent fasting, I honestly thought it was a bit...

Best Cinco de Mayo Cupcakes! #1 is Our Absolute Favorite!

best cinco de mayo cupcakes
Growing up, I never took much notice of Cinco de Mayo -- not of the parties, or the extra taco stands, or the sudden friendly squabbles about the best burritos or best fajitas or best Cinco de Mayo cupcakes, nor even the flood of pinatas. My dad is Latino, so our home was filled with...

How to Make Fresh Lemonade Without Sugar

How to Make Fresh Lemonade
When you know how to make fresh lemonade without sugar, you can (and will want to!) make it even when it's not summer. Still, is there anything more quintessentially summer than a glass of sweet, cold, tart, fresh homemade lemonade?  In fact, just typing that conjures up images of...

What is the Best Diet for Weight Loss? An Exercise Expert Weighs In!

Best Diet for Weight Loss
A question I get asked a lot when working with my personal training clients is: what is the best diet for weight loss? Is it the ketogenic diet?  The paleo diet?  What about the Atkins diet or maybe the 5:2 diet?  Or the plant-based diet?  Maybe the carnivore...

Healthy Fats and the Omega 6:3 Ratio: Unexpected Ways They Affect Your Health

Healthy Fats and the Omega 6:3 Ratio
New research is showing that it's not fat itself that can be dangerous for your health -- its the type of fat. Here, Miranda, one of our resident nutritional scientists, breaks down what we now know about healthy fats and how to get them in your diet!

Top 5 Foods to Fight Insomnia and Improve Your Sleep Quality

Top 5 Foods to Fight Insomnia and Improve Your Sleep Quality
Did you know that you can rely on foods to fight insomnia and improve your sleep quality?   It is important to fight insomnia as soon as you notice it.  This lack of quality sleep can have a huge impact on your daily life if it goes on too long.  It can also have negative impacts on a...

Intermittent Fasting Schedule and Rules [Infographic]

Intermittent Fasting Schedule and Rules
This article provides you with an intermittent fasting schedule and some rules to follow so you can reap the benefits of this widely known weight management technique.  Each and every week a new way of eating seems to pop up, promising a surefire way to boost health and lose weight - often with very little...

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