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Whether you are looking boost athletic performance, slim down, treat a health condition or just trying to stay in good health, paying close attention to your nutrition is important. But it’s not always easy to figure out exactly what advice to follow. Between your family, friends and the internet, you’ve heard the exact opposite opinions about every food and diet out there. So, what is healthy? What’s not? To know for sure, you have to turn to the science, which is exactly what we do in our Nutrition Series. Browse the articles below to learn more about how your food interacts with your body and how you can build a healthier diet for yourself and your family.

Best Cinco de Mayo Cupcakes! #1 is Our Absolute Favorite!

best cinco de mayo cupcakes
Growing up, I never took much notice of Cinco de Mayo -- not of the parties, or the extra taco stands, or the sudden friendly squabbles about the best burritos or best fajitas or best Cinco de Mayo cupcakes, nor even the flood of pinatas. My dad is Latino, so our home was filled with...

Paleo Grocery List: Pantry Essentials for Beginners [Free Printable]

Paleo Grocery List
Smack-dab in the center of your friend’s fridge door, just beneath the tidy to-do list and cleaning schedule: a paleo grocery list.  Maybe you didn’t want to seem snoopy, or maybe you were both in a serious rush to get out the door to your evening’s festivities, but you didn’t go check...

Intermittent Fasting Schedule and Rules [Infographic]

Intermittent Fasting Schedule and Rules
This article provides you with an intermittent fasting schedule and some rules to follow so you can reap the benefits of this widely known weight management technique.  Each and every week a new way of eating seems to pop up, promising a surefire way to boost health and lose weight - often with very little...

Is Peanut Butter Good or Bad? Here’s Science’s Answer.

Peanut Butter
Like most high-fat foods, peanut butter's had a serious PR problem for the better part of a century!   When studies in the 1940s linked high-fat, high-calorie diets to an increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, the world turned its back on all fat-rich foods.  Whole food sources of healthy fats, such...

The Truth Behind the 5:2 Diet: Getting the Facts Straight

The Truth Behind the 5:2 Diet
Intermittent fasting is a way of eating that is typified by prolonged periods of fasting, interspersed with smaller eating windows – small time periods within a day where you consume all of your daily calories. When I first heard about intermittent fasting, I honestly thought it was a bit...

The Truth About Meatless Diets According to Science

The Truth About Meatless Diets According to Science
The other day you went out to dinner with some friends.  Or your extended family.  Or your co-workers.  You were all eating, drinking, chatting and having a good time, when all of the sudden you glanced around the table and realized -- I’m like the only one eating meat! That got you wondering: have I...

Leaky Gut Syndrome Diet: Heal Your Leaky Gut with these Recipes

Leaky Gut Syndrome Diet: Heal Your Leaky Gut with these Recipes
A leaky gut syndrome diet is never without fiber-rich and anti-inflammatory foods. You might have overused antibiotics in the past or have been exposed to too much antibacterial products.   Whatever gut-damaging factors you've unfortunately exposed yourself to, the Nutrishatives Team is here to help you heal your leaky gut syndrome with these two gut-healthy...

Increasing Energy: Discover the Top 5 Natural Energy Foods

Increasing Energy: Discover the Top 5 Natural Energy Foods
Most of us have a clear understanding that food is the body’s primary energy source.  Once consumed, it is broken down within the digestive system into either fats, proteins, or carbohydrates. After they have been broken down into their smallest forms, they are then transported throughout the body to take part in their respective metabolic...

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