Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Professional Tips

Do you ever wish you could sit down with a health, nutrition or lifestyle medicine expert and pick their brain? What drew them to natural medicine? How have they navigated their way through the jungle of health news, advice and research? What have they learned in their years of study and practice that could help you live a healthier life? How do they understand healthy living? While we can’t ship your favorite lifestyle medicine expert to you house so you can chat about these things in person (which stinks!) we can offer you a Professional Tips series! Here, we share interviews and essays from leading health experts in which they explore everything from their own personal backgrounds to their practical advice for healthy living! It’s like having a guru in your screen, if not your kitchen!

5 Simple Diet Tips: Hunter Bennett

As a young kid I was incredibly active and had a healthy diet.  Playing outside and competing in sports become an outlet for me.  I could socialize with friends, enjoy healthy competition (and often some "healthy physicality"), and learn new skills. As I got older, I had the opportunity to start training in the gym...

Healthy Living and Nutrition Optimization: Monica Hudec

As the youngest of 5 kids, I lived an active childhood which sparked my interest in healthy living and nutrition.  This interest led me to obtaining my B.S. in Dietetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   I have worked in a variety of healthcare settings including a nutrition assistant for student athletes, a dietary aid...

The Medicinal Power of Nutrition: Dr. Suman Ahuja

We are excited to introduce new series titled A Health Professional's Perspective! These articles will feature guest posts from qualified health professionals providing their background and opinion on the importance of nutrition toward one's health. The first article in this series is written by Dr. Suman Ahuja.  She received her doctorate in medical/clinical nutrition with an emphasis...

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