The 7 Most Effective Healthy Lifestyle Changes According to Health Experts

If you’re on a path towards building a healthier life, the number of different healthy lifestyle changes people suggest you try can be completely overwhelming.  It can be impossible to work out what changes are actually going to drive real, significant, positive changes in your health.

Luckily, we asked our Ask an Expert interviewees about just this dilemma! 

Specifically, we asked them what single change they think is most effective for helping people live healthier lives.

Here are their picks for the best ways you can make your life healthier right now!

1. Eat a Whole-Food, Low-Carb Diet

Lisa MarcAurele, Founder of Low Carb Yum

“Eating a whole food diet low in carbohydrates is one of the easiest ways to improve overall health.  A high-sugar diet has been linked to inflammation in the body which can lead to chronic disease.  Therefore, a low-sugar diet that eliminates refined carbohydrates is one of the best ways to prevent common diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

2. Walk More

Man in black tennis shoes walking down a street

Ben Greenfield, Fitness Expert

“Honestly, there is a lot of low-hanging fruit here.  But I would say the number one thing would be to walk more.  Especially in America, people just don’t walk enough and, granted, ironically enough, I’m sitting in an Uber (or a Lyft) while I’m recording this on my way to get somewhere, but it’s because it’s miles and miles away and I just can’t effectively walk there.  But, ultimately, in a lot of these places where people live a long time, they walk a lot, like 15, 20, or 25,000 steps a day. 

I think people should start walking more.  It’s a good time to meditate, it’s a good time to think, and it allows you to engage in low-level physical activity all day long.”

3. Take Better Care of Your Gut Microbiome

KJ Gracie, Nutrition and Holistic Therapist

“I wish people understood how important their gut microbiome is.  Most people make choices every day that are harmful to their gut microbiome, and ultimately their health.  It’s not until they’re acutely sick that they start to wonder if they need to do something about it (and often not even then if they haven’t exhausted allopathic medicine).  It’s so much easier to look after a healthy body – with good choices, every day – than it is to reverse sickness in someone who’s made 30-40 years of poor choices.”

4. Eat a Heaping Plateful of Veggies Every Day

A large quinoa salad with fresh veggies

Dr. Heidi Moretti, Registered Dietitian

“Eat a heaping plate of vegetables every day, at least 3-5 cups.  More is even better.  This will help detoxify your hormones, give you much-needed minerals like magnesium, reduce inflammation, and cut back on junk food calories.  Veggies help fuel your metabolism!”

5. Adopt a Positive Attitude & Avoid Processed Foods

Sue Ingebretson, Fibromyalgia Expert

“Oh, this is a toughie.  I’ll cheat and give you two answers.

The first would be to get everyone to make a mental shift from the ‘there’s no hope’ belief to ‘there’s a world of opportunity waiting for me’ belief.  This isn’t an easy shift, for sure, but DECIDING that you want something better than what you have is the crucial first step.

Next, I’d encourage everyone to shift from packaged, artificial, fake, and nutrient-empty foods to natural, whole, nutrient-dense and fiber-rich foods.  That shift alone would change the trajectory of health care for the better in this world!”

6. Seek Balance

Woman balancing on a log in a lake

Dr. Nadia, the Mindful MD Mom

“Seek balance in the various aspects of your life and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.  That may mean a more balancing your sweet tooth with other healthy options in your diet.  Or it could mean working less so you have more time to dedicate to your family.  Or it could mean being gentle to yourself and practicing self-compassion.  There are many ways to seek balance in one’s life.”

7. Meditate

Dr. Linda L. Moore, Licensed Psychologist


“[For me] this is always a toss-up between meditation and exercise, but here, I’ll go with meditation.  Imagine the impact of increasing numbers of people everywhere putting that kind of calm, positive, focused energy into the world!”

Hopefully, one (or more!) of these expert tips offered awesome inspiration for the next step you want to take on your journey to your healthiest self!

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