7 Expert-Backed Healthy Habits to Start in 2020

The beginning of the year is a time when many of us step back, take stock, and set goals for changes we want to make in the new year, including healthy habits we want to cultivate.

Unfortunately, it can be really difficult to decide what habit (or habits) are really worth committing to.  After all, making a habit stick takes serious time and energy. So, you want your effort to pay off in real benefits for your health!

How do pick a healthy New Year’s resolution that you know will help take your health to the next level?

One way is to ask health experts what they recommend!

And luckily, we asked all our 2019 Ask an Expert interviewees exactly that — what healthy habits they recommend everyone adopt to see real changes in their heath!

Here are their answers!  Hopefully, one (or more!) of them will provide you with the inspiration for your healthiest, happiest year ever!  

Healthy Habit 1: Learn Where Your Food Comes From

Ian Criag, Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Expert

“Get to know [your] farmers, or at the very least, [your] organic retailer who knows the farmers, their farming practices, and who understand the rhythms of nature and the production of food better.

As an example, I was in London in May this year, eating delicious English seasonal strawberries.  When I returned to Johannesburg a week later, which is the exact opposite season, I was given a dessert with not-so-delicious strawberries.  How were they grown in the winter? That’s what I would like to know!

If we blindly trust the supermarkets, our health is in for a nasty shock, in due course.”

Healthy Habit 2: Add Color to Your Diet — The More, The Better

Close up of colorful bell peppers

Becky Muldoon, Health Coach

“That’s an easy one!  Eat an abundant variety of veggies each day.

You don’t have to give up what you love.  Simply start by adding in more veggies. You’ll find that you’re ‘crowding out’ some of the other, less nutritious, stuff as a result.  The more color, the better. Try new ones, have fun!”

Healthy Habit 3: Drink More Water

Dr. Keith Kantor, Nutritional Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Author

“Drink one half your body weight in ounces of water per day (preferably hydroxide alkaline water).  This would have a drastic positive effect on health, helping with detoxification, over-eating, and dehydration.”

Healthy Habit 4: Cut Back on Pro-Inflammatory Foods

Close up of pro-inflammatory cheeses

Dr. Terry Wahls, Autoimmune Researcher and Professor

“Drop the sugar, processed foods, gluten, dairy, casein, eggs and replace them 100% with vegetables for 100 days and see what happens.”

Healthy Habit 5: Make Half Your Plate Vegetables

Nicole Morgan, Thyroid Dietitian

“Make half your plate vegetables at lunch and dinner!  Doing something as “simple” as this could change a lot of lives.”

Healthy Habit 6: Ditch Sugary Drinks

Close up of orange soda

Heather DiBaisi, Registered Dietitian

“Ditch the sugar in your drinks.  It is really one of the first things I try to pull from my clients’ diets. 

I’m all about a well-balanced low-carb smoothie as a meal.  But the sugar in other calorie-rich drinks (i.e. fruit juices, sodas, sweetened teas, or non-fat vanilla lattes) is digested rapidly and absorbed super quickly into your bloodstream.  So, it does not keep us full at all. Worse yet, constant sugar spikes also can lead to inflammation and weight gain. 

Some people have a hard time giving them up, at first.  But your taste buds will change after 14 days. And when they do it is super liberating!  You will realize you do not need or even want those sweet beverages anymore.”

Healthy Habit 7. Eat More Vegetables

Brynn McDowell, The Domestic Dietitian 

“Eat more vegetables. 

There are so many amazing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and compounds in vegetables that have so many health benefits. But most people are severely lacking in their vegetable intake. 

I think adding vegetables to most meals on a daily basis would also help people appreciate all the fresh flavors that are available to us.”

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