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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s, thyroid disease, and adrenal fatigue in 2002.  At the time, I was raising four young daughters and felt horrible every day.  I decided was tired of being sick, so I went on a journey of seeking wellness.

My background is in psychology, so I finished my master of psychology.  Then, I started working with teens with addictions, and teaching suicide prevention.  I went on to do a six-year nutrition school, Feng Shui, and Health and wellness. 

I had six degrees and 20 years of schooling by the time I was done.  Currently, I am finishing up a Master Holistic Health and Wellness school.

Most importantly, I learned how to heal my body and feel better at 50 than I did at 20.  I walk 8 miles a day now, teach yoga, and educate others on wellness and balance.  I have a yoga clothes line and I am currently writing a book.

We have all heard how eating healthy and getting exercise will help us feel better.  It’s great advice and I tell my clients this.

I have clients ask me often how to overcome fears, how to not be stressed, and how to overcome anxiety.  

The best answer I can give is actually a simple one: live in the now.

The reason we have anxiety, fears, and stress is because we are always thinking of past or future.  How many times do we consciously stay focused on what is happening to us right now?

I would like to address five ways that we can be happy and overcome negative thinking by living consciously.

Tune into Your Senses

sensesThe first one is to set our intention to be focused on what we are doing in the moment.

A great way to do this which works really fast, is to focus on the senses.  Notice what you see, what you hear, feel, taste and touch. This brings you to the place of being in the present moment, instead of thinking of what has happened or what has to be done.

Find an Anchor

The second thing is to have an anchor to bring you to the present moment.  An anchor is something you can do with the intention of being present when you start thinking outside of the moment.  There are many anchors you can use.

An example of an anchor is to tap your finger on your chest bone while deep breathing.  Or, you could close your eyes for a moment while deep breathing in a circle.  What I mean by this is to breathe deeply in and instead of stopping to breath out, think of a circle so the breath pattern goes in and out circling instead of stopping.

An anchor I love is to place my hands over my heart and think a word or phrase in my head, such as “love”, or “be in the moment”.

Focus on Now

nowThe third thing that helps to live in the moment is to give your whole focus on the task at hand.  Don’t think of time or what you will do next.  Just enjoy what is happening.  Enjoy the task.

Or if it’s someone you are talking to – really listen to what they are saying instead of what you are going to answer with.  Look at their face, notice their eye color, the way they talk, their expressions.

Don’t Judge

The fourth thing is to get rid of judgment.

Just let what is be what is.  Don’t judge it or try to manipulate it.

Judgment causes unhappiness and negative thinking.  When we can set this aside and just see what is before us, we learn to explore and notice, instead of making a decision on how we are going to feel about it.

Doing this stops the learning process and puts us in a box of not letting ourselves understand or relate.


Be Grateful

give thanksThe fifth thing to help us live a conscious life is gratitude.

Being grateful raises our vibration and allows our mind, body, and spirit to love.  It allows learning, growing, and positive experiences. Being in the moment and thinking of what is amazing and wonderful in that moment will bring peace and happiness.  Most of all it brings acceptance and wholeness.

If this is a hard thing to do, start a gratitude journal and journal before going to bed.  Some days it may just be that you are grateful to have made it through the day.

Once you open your mind to gratitude, the whole world will change.

Take Home Message

Happiness is a choice.  Two people can live out the same experience.  One will learn and grow, the other will become sad or depressed.  

Living a life of conscious living makes the difference in the quality of life we have.  It will also make a difference in those we associate with.

Choose happiness.

Find me on my blog or contact me via email, if you want to chat more!

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