Meet Ana

Ana comes from a small town, Negotin, in Eastern Serbia, which is famous for its delicious wines, but she moved to Belgrade to study food science, specializing in beer technology!  Her dad and grandpa, who are both wine experts, were a tiny bit upset, but forgave her, eventually.

While working as a student during her last few years of undergraduate studies for a fantastic little manufacturing company that makes cold pressed oils and natural cosmetics, Ana became fascinated by nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  So, although keen on beer (science), she got much more interested on nutrition and decided to pursue a Ph.D. in this field.

Ana is now working as a researcher at the Centre in Nutrition and Metabolism in Belgrade.  She’s been a co-investigator in dietary clinical trials, investigating the health-related implications of different foods and exercises.  Apart from that, she has a huge interest in epidemiology, as well.

Research can sometimes be very hard to understand, right?  So the desire to somehow present it to people so they could understand it better came naturally to Ana.  Along with the geeky research life she really adores, Ana enjoys writing about nutrition in an understandable and engaging fashion in order to share scientific evidence with the general public.    

Ana also believes that if you want to nourish your body, you have to nourish your mind and soul first.  For this reason, she and her husband try to travel as much as they can, to dance to techno music and visit trance festivals, and to cook and explore various recipes!  Ana is also keen on making various handicrafts such as jewelry, crocheting, making natural homemade soaps and cosmetics…

Life sometimes seems to short to try them all!