Meet Aurora

A clean living advocate and health geek, Aurora lives with her two sassy children and one fluffy cat in New Zealand.  Growing up immersed in lush green forest on a small Pacific island, she became fascinated by plant life at an early age.  

Nothing’s really changed since then except that she’s older and has spent more time studying, working and asking difficult questions.  Like, can natural medicines be as effective as pharmacy medicines?

Combining her scientific background in biology and chemistry with her passion for natural medicine has led her to experiment with many different ideas.  While manufacturing herbal remedies was once at the top of her list, she has recently been enjoying researching, writing and consulting.

Most of this is centered on medicinal herbs, whole food nutrition and women’s health.  Her interest in women’s health started many years ago when she had her first child and suffered postnatal depression. After doing her own research on the long term effects of antidepressants, she opted to use natural remedies to treat herself.  She now uses this experience to help others in similar circumstances.

Aurora’s diverse training background also includes sales and management, so she keeps her finger on the pulse of many different industries and trends.  Having lots of interests means always being occupied, which suits her well because she prefers her mind sharp and she genuinely enjoys learning.

When she’s not working on one of her many projects, you can find her relaxing with friends and family, adventuring in New Zealand’s wild backcountry by various means such as hiking, mountain biking, sailing and kitesurfing.