Meet Gabriela

Gabriela surfing

Gabi Mateo was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in Costa Rica. These are two different tropical locations. She has lived in colder places such as Massachusetts, the Netherlands, Germany, and Perú.

She really appreciates cultural exchange, learning about health and wellness trends, and helping others understand why, where and how they can apply these to their current situation.

Unlike other Health and Wellness Coaches, Gabi loves to spend time on PubMed and other research databases to understand the science and available studies behind ‘adaptogens’, ‘nootropics’, new trending diets, and whatever it is she is recommending to her clients.

As a writer, she loves to research well, understand and explain the science, and lay it out so that people relate.

Outside the science and health writing sphere, she also enjoys writing poetry about more personal topics like nature, travel, and surfing. Surfing is her higher motivation and calling.

“There is nothing like that moment you touch the water, you immediately forget your troubles, and remember who you are.”

Surfing has inspired her to become healthier and, thus, help others become healthier as well. It also really inspires her to write, travel, and share what Costa Rica is known for: the ‘Pura Vida’ or ‘Pure Life’ motto that promotes being present and happy.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at Amherst College, she completed two years of medicine in Costa Rica. She then traveled to the Netherlands where she earned her Master’s degree in Sport’s Science (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam). Still yearning for more knowledge, she completed the certification of Health and Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches in 2018.

Her understanding of wellness, health, science, and human anatomy is broad, but her desire to use this knowledge to help others runs even deeper. Currently, she is seeking to help others find their own rhythm of health.

Her native language is Spanish, she is fluent in English, and proficient in German.