Meet Wayne

A fruit smoothie lover (banana, blueberry and cacao anyone?), Wayne created Nutrishatives to share his passion about health and nutrition with the world.

Wayne has Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Engineering Management. Though no formal health educational background, Wayne has spent many years researching health related sciences in order to improve his own lifestyle habits.

Wayne originally started this website in order help his wife create recipes using nutritional alternatives, hence Nutrishatives, due to his wife’s obsession with unhealthy and refined foods. As recipe development progressed, Wayne wanted to learn and share more ingredients for a healthy lifestyle, rather than just recipes.

His idea quickly grew into trying to understand health and nutrition related facts asking “how?” and “why?” in order to make informed decisions for his recipes. Eventually, Nutrishatives grew into what it is today: connecting readers with healthy lifestyle information.

Through Nutrishatives, Wayne aims to provide easy to understand evidence-based health and nutrition information he sees lacking within health and wellness community.