Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Best Healthy Hamburger Recipes for #NationalHamburgerDay

Best Healthy Hamburger Recipes
You might hear the words best healthy hamburger and have your bullshit alarm immediately kick into overdrive.   And I get it.   Hamburgers are often considered the ultimate cheat meal.  Delicious, greasy, and heart-warming, they are a personal favorite of many (myself included, of course) - and they are rarely considered healthy. But that doesn't mean...

3 Key Genes Affect How You Age: The Factors You Can’t Control

Genes Affect How You Age
Like most things in life, aging isn’t strictly the result of one single thing, but rather the accumulated effect of many different factors, including some genetic ones – with that in mind, it is important to establish how your genes affect how you age. Aging is defined as the as the accumulation of damage in...

3 Best Exercises for Healthy Aging. #3 is Absolutely Amazing

Best Exercises for Healthy Aging
“What do you mean, the best exercises for healthy aging?  Aging is just something that happens, right?” What if I said that thought process was wrong?  Or at least not completely accurate? While I agree that (for the most part), aging is unavoidable, I would argue also argue that it shouldn't happen nearly as quickly as...

Everyday Health

A Guide to Organic Foods

A guide to Organic Foods: Healthy or Not?
You’ve heard about “organic foods” before and you know they’re meant to be better for you, but have you ever really thought about why they’re better?  It’s not just because Jessica Alba says so!  There are so many reasons organic foods are better for your health, your community and the environment.  Let’s start with...

Effect of Spices and Herbs On Your Health

Impact of spices and herbs on health
Historically, different cultures have used spices and herbs as health-promoting agents dating back thousands of years in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China.  Today, they continue to play a role in antioxidant function, reducing inflammation, and protection against chronic diseases including cancer, chronic inflammation, and heart disease. While herbs are part of the leafy or green...

The pH of Foods and Its Impact on Your Health

Alkaline and Acidic Foods
Does the pH of foods in your diet affect your health? Foods like oranges, tomatoes, and coffee are known as acidic, but what does acidity mean and how does it impact our health?  The body continuously maintains a balance between acids and bases (alkalines) in the blood which is necessary for cellular function and...

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Top 5 Best Probiotic Supplements for Leaky Gut Cure

Best Probiotic Supplements
Have you been struggling with the symptoms of a leaky gut?  Constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, belly pain, depressed mood, poor concentration, acne, immune imbalances, weight gain.  It can make your life absolutely miserable.  Anyone can totally understand why you’ve been on the lookout -- or maybe even the hunt -- for something, anything, to...

Top 5 Best Omega-3 Supplements for Leaky Gut Repair

Best Omega-3 Supplements
What is Omega-3? Omega-3 is a nutritional oil that improves your health in many different ways.  Its distinctive molecular shape is the key to its name, its therapeutic benefits and its unique properties.  It’s a delicate oil that’s easily damaged by heat, air and light.  If it gets damaged by these elements, it actually changes...

Top 5 Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements to Fix Leaky Gut

Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements
What are Digestive Enzymes? Do you ever wonder how our body breaks down the delicious sushi we eat or the ice cream we indulge in late at night?  Our body has different proteins, called digestive enzymes, responsible for breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to fuel our bodies. Without enzymes, our body wouldn’t absorb...

Good Gut Health: The Secret to Preventing Autoimmune Diseases?

good gut health
It's pretty evident that people are concerned about having good gut health judging from the rise in probiotic products. What but does it mean really? And why do some people believe it can help prevent autoimmune disease? What do you do when your own body turns against you?  For the 50 million Americans struggling with...